Striped Invaders

Earlier today, I opened my bathroom window to let out the steam. It’s a small window, located right behind the toilette and thus nearly inaccessible. When I went to close it again, it wouldn’t. A narrow gap always stayed open at the top. I figured it’s warm so it’s not too big a problem just yet and reported it to my landlord.

A few hours later there’s a wasp buzzing up and down the window. And that is a huge problem. I have a severe wasp phobia–I can’t even go in there and spray it, nevermind getting it out. While the bathroom door is right beside the entrance door, the layout makes it unlikely for the damn wasp to find its way there. It’d have to fly away from the light until it finds the next source and then outside.

So, I shoved a glass of sugar water in there and closed the door. Checked a few minutes ago, and the thing is nowhere to be seen. Maybe, I got lucky for a change and it made it out through the same gap. I’m going to check on it again in an hour or so.

A few years ago, one flew over my head through the entrance and into the living room. I spent about half an hour standing outside, waiting for it to come out again. Fortunately, it did.

I wish I wasn’t too much of a coward to kill them. Hate me for it, but, I torch every last wasp on Earth if I could.