Of Half-told Stories and Glaring Mistakes

While Mist still holds the majority of my attention, I’ve also been trying to come up with a more gripping blurb for What Lies Within. I failed, but it made me realize that WLW starts in the middle of the story rather than at the beginning. It should have started with Ash learning of the house’s imminent demolition and his decision to go there before it’s too late, not with him already there.

Not really sure what to do with that. A rewrite would turn it into a completely different, though deeper, story, but I’m not sure it’s worth doing. I might just write Ash Manor of as my “training wheels” series. At least I got a lot of time to decide. I’m not touching anything else until the first draft of Mist is done.

On a happier note, the “forced” NaNo break on  No Such Thing allowed me to realize that there’s a massive consistency error right on the first page.

The main character is lost deep inside a cave and carries that world’s version of a gaslamp. The lamp has been out of fuel for hours, yet, when he drops it, he sees the shards scatter. A little later, he also sees a path branch off from the main path.

I guess, distance really helps.


What Lies Within Now Available on Fictionpress

After dragging my heels on this, because I hate filling out profiles, I’ve posted the first chapter of What Lies Within on Fictionpress. I’ll be adding the rest one per day for extended visibility. Except for the ones I consider too short to add on their own. Those’ll get bundled with the next.

If you’re interested you can read it here.

Not Quite so Unveiled

After doing some mental restructuring of the plot of Unveiled,  I found somewhere I could stop the story without just chopping it off. I don’t want every part of this to end in some sort of cliffhanger… Of course, while writing toward that new end, I realized there were several other good cutoff spots along the way if handled right. It pushes the series more firmly into the serial format, which I never intended, but it also gives me some perspective on how to connect the other Morson stories I’ve floating around in my mind.

Since Unveiled referred to the conclusion of Ash’s storyline and is thus no longer a fitting title, I’m thinking of retitling the series to something along the lines of  Ash Manor: Season 1 Episode 1 (The Morson Journals/Chronicles).

One thing, I know for sure, though: No more pantsing. Next time I want to know what I’m signing up for ahead of time.