Genuinely Lost Writing for the First Time

Nano’s been going great so far and the story is coming along well, too. It did try to rebel when I got too excited about the ending of a scene to focus on its beginning. But it’s all good now and we’re back on track. Up to a little over 8k now. First three chapters are up on Wattpad.

Out of fear for further bluescreens, I’ve been writing in Shaxpir and, until today, I loved it. The program structure fits my style well and feels very smooth. Yesterday, I forgot to export the document after I finished and today it won’t sync. That’s a whole chapter down the drain. Considering the state of my laptop, I don’t blame Shaxpir. Should I end up switching machines, after all, I’ll install it again. Until then, there are two chapter twos in the last document I exported. For NaNo purposes only. I wrote those words and I’m counting them, even if I have to rewrite them now.  I even remember most of what I wrote…


Ready For Camp NaNo

If I had any doubt about letting Mist and its universe go, the past two or so days got rid of those. After finishing Lost and Found, I spent a while building a skeleton for Camp NaNo and I haven’t been so excited to write something probably since the first version of What Lies Within.

Granted, not wanting to work too far ahead before the first, I’m only about 4k words in but, considering I was barely eeking out 200 words a day before that…

I didn’t dare set my Camp goal any higher than 15k because at the rate I was going even that would have been a stretch. I’ll leave it there for now. It’s not like  I have to stop writing the moment I hit that goal.

In case anyone cares to follow my progress, I’ll be posting chapters of Of Heroes and Magic Mishaps as I finish them here.

In other news Lost and Found is now available on Amazon. Other vendors are still updating their listings.

Add headingAs long as you don’t get lost, exploring caves is fun. Unfortunately, wannabe adventurer Sidr does get lost and ends up in a cavern deep underground. There he runs into a colony of weird creatures that don’t appreciate his presence. To make matters worse, the creatures’ battle cry brings down part of the ceiling, leaving Sidr with only one direction to go.
Can he find his way back to the surface before his lack of supplies catches up with him? And why is the ground shaking?
Find out in Lost and Found.

Sometimes, Compromising Helps

Compromising on how I split my writing time allowed me to finally push past the first few chapters hurdle for Unveiled. I’m up to 13k now, which puts me right on track to finish it this month and keep A Fool’s Errand for Camp NaNo next month. Though the way the story is developing, makes me wonder if I shouldn’t find a reasonable place to split and turn it into two books because at this rate it’ll end up about twice as long as Beyond the Wall. And that would put me at a series progression of 12k->25k->50k+. I’m not sure I like that. I definitely want to move into full-length novel territory for future works but  within a series? I’ll see where I’m at story wise at the 25k marker and decide then.

I’ve also discovered that, in 3rd person, Heart is one of my least favorite characters to write. It makes him a lot less intense, but the jarring transition now would just be jarring without serving a purpose. So, I’m going to have to suck it up. On the positive side, it also means less swearing from him, though he still swears more than the other characters and definitely more than me.

I’m kind of curious to see how long this one will take me to revise and edit after. Book 1 took a good two months and book 2 just over one. If book 3 takes less than that, I’m calling shenanigans…

It’s Done

At roughly 18k words the first draft of Beyond the Wall is finished. It cane out a touch shorter and more dependent on What Lies Within than I anticipated, but it’s done and ready for next year’s revision.

For now, I’m going to take my first migraine free day off since April 2014. Three of them to be exact. My goal was to get the 1st draft done in December. I’d say I achieved that and I’m well on track for my release goal in late January.

Now that I’ve said that, Beyond the Wall will probably take its predecessor as a role model and give me a mountain of  trouble during revision, but I’ve got  books to read and future projects to think about.

Like whether to go for Ash Manor Book 3 first and wrap up the storyline, I started in What Lies Within or go for a standalone novel, I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks, first

Characters Ruin Everything

I’ve been in a bit off a funk over the last week; had several below 1k days. I’m at 35k, so I’ll still make 50k by the end of the month, but I doubt I’ll manage a complete draft.

Part of this is because, I’ve chosen the worst time possible to rediscover Titan Quest and been playing that a whole lot more, than I should…

Mostly, though, it’s because I had to write out a character, I was growing quite attached to, and he won’t be back for quite a while. I also had to introduce a character, whom I’d probably punch in the face, if I ever met him. I honestly like my antagonist better than this guy, and he’s a two faced bastard. He fits the role, though, so he’s staying. Woe is me…

I’m also beginning to wonder why I bothered to outline at all. I’ve deviated so far from that, I might as well be pantsing. I kind of am, because most of the later events in my outline have become impossible now.

At some point, I decided that instead of weekends, the upper city has the height of the week, which is essentially code for the former slaves go meet in secret while the scribes get drunk. Two days later, I went scrolling through the text, because I’d convinced myself that I’d spelled it “hight” instead. I often remember nonexistent typos like that.


Norton Died…Twice And Darvis Is A Dead Traitor

I’m still in the process of rewriting my NaNo novel on the side, and while trudging through that mess, looking for salvageable material to go into the new version, I found the perfect reason for me to keep character lists in the future.

Before the story, one of the main characters is framed for the murder of a priest named Norton. It comes up a few times, too, because figuring out who framed him is kind of pivotel to the plot. So there’s really no excuse for another main character having a mentor named Norton, who dies at the hand of her brother in Act II. I also found another priest named simply N. in there.

Then there’s the Darvises. Only two of those, but still… One aids the main characters, then rats them out to the Big Bad. No idea what happens to him after that. Later on, the other gets killed while protecting them from said Big Bad.

And to think the only thing, I worried about while writing ,was that Alicia and Arcana might sound too similar. Ah, well, that’s what revision’s for.

But for the future: Names are a dime a dozen. So I herby give my future self permission to use as many different ones as needed, even if it amounts to Xyz told Asdf to get lost.

Kill Your Darlings

My first reaction to the above advice was “That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.”  Especially after I dug deeper and came across a suggestion to cut the first three chapters of a first draft.

Now, my NaNo novel is a steaming mess and I expected to need to rewrite it almost entirely, but three whole chapters?  Then potential reader won’t know how that character ended  up on an island that shouldn’t exist. Unthinkable. Thanks to getting into short stories,  I recently started thinking that maybe they don’t have to. At least not right off the bat. It’ll require refocusing the story on a different MC, but  it would work and a lot of the stuff I showed “on screen” during the first draft would make for great background noise.  Rewriting to that degree is going to take me forever. Especially since I intend to keep up the short stories, too, but I think I’m on to something. Doing this al;so, allows me to drop three minor characters and get another more involved.

Worst comes to worst, it’s further practice. So: Win win.