Well, I Screwed That Up

I played around with Canva and made a new cover for No Such Thing. But when I went to upload it to Amazon, I noticed that the page number was suspiciously low.

Turns out I published the wrong file, which unfortunately is also the only version I kept. I guess, at least, it’s the version after the massive rewrite and not the original. Still, this kind of sucks Now, I get to re-revise the thing before taking it wide next month.

Because the only thing I really lost is some more in depth description and potential tie-in for future stories, I’ve decided against unpublishing. That and I’m not a big seller anyway.

On the positive side, I’m making decent progress on Lost Among Shadows. It’s a pleasant mix of passages that need massive rewrites and those that only need minor fixes. So, I’ll get stuck for ages on one page than breeze through the next ten.


Getting Back on Track

While I’m still nowhere near where I wanted to be with Lost Among Shadows by August, I am catching up nicely. I hit a spot of about twenty pages that only needed minor changes right around the time the weather broke. It’s been nice and dreary all week. So, I’m happy and feeling like I’m getting stuff done. Lost Among Shadows might end up being my 1st-anniversary release, which is a bit weird. I figured I’d

I figured I’d have moved on to writing fantasy exclusively by now, not a serial I have a love-hate relationship with. I mean, before I started revising Lost I considered abandoning Ash Manor, but I fell in love with again once I read through it. I’ll probably switch back to hate after it’s released…

Should Have Gone Into Hibernation

The heat’s killing me. I’ve spent all  of July either so tired my vision blurs or with a headache because the temperature’s about to change…

I’m slogging through revision far slower than I normally would. I mean revisions always been draining to me, but at the moment a whole page is a good day. I tried working with Hemmingway app for a bit, but trying to get rid of all those nasty red sentences and minimizing the yellows slowed me down even more. As I’m using Grammarly plug-in, I’ll probably chase the final result through it and have another look.

I’ve also been stupid enough to revise out of order because I really wanted to edit an aspect scene. The aspect’s nice and easy. But now, revision of what comes before that made Ash do something tp change the aspect’s attitude toward him and thus the way the aspect’s scene plays out. I like the new development, so, it’s staying. It show’s another side of Ash and works as a bit of foreshadowing.

Oh, and I’m doing away with all deadlines. Never meet the ones I set myself anyway. The only deadline I’ve ever met is Amazon’s preorder and that I’m banned from till October. So, I’m now adopting a “when it’s done it’s done” attitude. Not like someone’s going to come after me.

So, the Day Before Camp NaNo…

…after finishing Dragon Age twice and starting to catch up on my neglected revision, I decided to participate in July. To finish Lost Among Shadows rather than to write something new. Well, I did all that about a week or so ago. Made some decent progress on Lost, too and made the whole series new covers.Then today, I ventured into the same store that got me into this mess, to begin with, and…bought Dragon Age II. So, now I’m relying on that discipline, I misplaced at the start of June, to get me back on track.

At least, I’ve no plans of buying Inquisition. I don’t think my laptop would survive that one.

The Laws of Time Don’t Apply in Morson

I’ve no idea how I managed to miss this for so  long, but Lost Among Shadow has a massive time inconsistency right at the beginning. Chapter I takes place in the early evening of one day. Then Chapter II takes place late morning that same day and is followed by III that night. IV happens the day after, but V takes place in the evening of the first day again…

Fortunately, this is easy enough to fix by moving them around, but it’s astonishing  how completely I missed this when reading through it. And that was with a month’s break from the story.Had  I gone right into revision, I probably wouldn’t have caught it at all and that’s a sobering thought.

I had another of these inconsistencies further into the story, but that one, I caught early on.

I’m Such a Genius…

After finishing the scenes I wanted to add to Lost Among Shadows,  I took myself to the gaming section of a local store. I figured they might have Civ V: Brave New World for less than Steam (that one would cost me more than I paid for the Gold Edition). They didn’t. So, because I’m not already slow enough when it comes to revision, I picked up Dragon Age Origins Ultimate edition, instead. Took me almost a week to get back to Lost after that…

I did, however, manage to finish revisions on the first chapter and I wrote about 1k words of a novelette that will be useless until I bring Ash Manor to a conclusion.


It’s a Love /Hate Thing

After adding a few scenes to A Fool’s Errand and feeling like they had little to nothing to do with what I’d already written, I realized that, if I wanted this to go anywhere, I’d have to read through and reacquaint myself with the whole thing. Since I didn’t fancy the idea of reading 40k+ words on a computer screen and managed to wreck my only printer cartridge, I had to wait for the stores to reopen today. Only to realize that I could have just turned the whole thing into a quick and dirty ebook and dumped it on my Kindle…

On the bright side, I spent the weekend reading through a March printout of Ash Manor 3 (now tentatively titled Lost Among Shadows) and rekindled my love for it. Seems I’m destined to hate every part of this serial at some point.That’s good to know because I was seriously considering pulling episodes 1 & 2 and pretending I never wrote them. Instead, I’ll be adding three scenes to this one while I read through A Fool’s Errand.