Of Half-told Stories and Glaring Mistakes

While Mist still holds the majority of my attention, I’ve also been trying to come up with a more gripping blurb for What Lies Within. I failed, but it made me realize that WLW starts in the middle of the story rather than at the beginning. It should have started with Ash learning of the house’s imminent demolition and his decision to go there before it’s too late, not with him already there.

Not really sure what to do with that. A rewrite would turn it into a completely different, though deeper, story, but I’m not sure it’s worth doing. I might just write Ash Manor of as my “training wheels” series. At least I got a lot of time to decide. I’m not touching anything else until the first draft of Mist is done.

On a happier note, the “forced” NaNo break on  No Such Thing allowed me to realize that there’s a massive consistency error right on the first page.

The main character is lost deep inside a cave and carries that world’s version of a gaslamp. The lamp has been out of fuel for hours, yet, when he drops it, he sees the shards scatter. A little later, he also sees a path branch off from the main path.

I guess, distance really helps.


What Lies Within Now Available on Fictionpress

After dragging my heels on this, because I hate filling out profiles, I’ve posted the first chapter of What Lies Within on Fictionpress. I’ll be adding the rest one per day for extended visibility. Except for the ones I consider too short to add on their own. Those’ll get bundled with the next.

If you’re interested you can read it here.

All it Takes is One Bad Scene

I was making okay progress on Ash Manor IV (couldn’t really get into it after my initial excitement) until one scene took a turn I didn’t expect and couldn’t work with and it stalled me almost completely. I know what needs fixing but can’t wrap my head around how yet, and I know I’ll just generate throwaway trash if I go out of order.

Just so I’m not doing nothing I’ve tackled the re-revision (curse myself) of No Such Thing. I’ve unpublished that for now and will rerelease possibly with a new title/ASIN once I finish. I’ve also been doing some plotting for next month.

As this was more or less my original plan for October, I’m  not too upset about the stall. I suspect, I needed a break from Ash Manor the same way I can’t read two books from the same author back to back without getting bored (this sucks when you’re really excited about a sequel). I hadn’t originally planned on touching that until December or January and kind of wanted to start a second series before that.

Feeling Accomplished

So, many months late, I finally finished the revision of Lost Among Shadows. Until yesterday, I wasn’t even convinced I’d manage this month, but the last twenty or so pages were a breeze, pushing me way past my average of three per day. Final spellcheck should take me another day or two, but first I’ll update the covers for the entire serial.

Then I’m going to take a short break from Ash Manor to fix up No Such Thing before taking that wide.  Then it’s back to What Lies Within.

A5 Vs Letter

As I’ve mentioned before, I tank after about three pages of editing. I just never realized that it wasn’t three pages as in ~1.5k words but three pages as in three pages. While that’s no excuse, it kind of explains why I’ve been dragging my feet through Lost Among Shadows so much.

I like the way A5 looks closer to the finished product, so I’ve switched to revising in that format for Lost… I’m back on Letter now and I gotta say, ~20 pages seems far less intimidating than 40+.

So, I Do Need Two Screens

After struggling with this for a week (read: being amazingly unproductive), I switched back to my laptop coupled with my monitor. And it’s amazing. I’ve gotten more revision done in just a day than all last week. It seems I need some sort of minor distraction to focus. Just having a random page on my other screen helps. Never could work with those distraction-free word processors or study in silence…

Anyway, I’ve hit a chapter now that needs an almost complete rewrite, but it’s going surprisingly well. Might even finish that today.I’ve an end in sight now. But, I’d like to release a revised and slightly extended version of What Lies Within before Lost Among Shadows and make it permafree, too. Depending on how much longer Lost takes me, I may delay that. I’m not waiting until next year or so to release Lost.

Not sure, if I’ll dive right into the final Ash Manor Episode after that or start a new series. Or, for a change, finish one of those 30k fantasy starts I’ve floating around.