Bite-Sized Stories


John & Other Stories

Annis may be blind, but she sees the world with clearer eyes than the seeing. She neither needs nor wants them in her life. So, when her maid refuses to enter Annis house again, and the agency doesn’t send a replacement, she doesn’t complain.
Besides, she’s got John, the monster in her attic, and, now that they’re alone, he even comes downstairs sometimes.

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Winged Tales

Chased by a slobbering beast, a pair of young dragons defies the odds to escape. They use wings, technically too immature to carry them, to find safety out of the beast’s reach, but they aren’t the only thing to take off in this collection of short stories.

Among others, a woman, who forgot to stay dead, has to flee from her former team while suppressing the primitive urges, brought on by her new state of being, and a man realizes that fairies ask very steep prizes for their favors.

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