Ash Manor

Season one

What Lies Within

When Ash seeks out the house that haunts his dreams, he finds more than memories lurking there. Now, with a demolition crew arriving in the morning, Ash must overcome his fears to find the truth of his existence deep within the house or risk losing his sanity.

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Beyond the Wall

Far from ready to move on, Ash takes a job at a local movie theater. But what starts out as a nice distraction that happens to fill his pockets, soon turns into a nightmare when he realizes that the house isn’t quite done with him yet. With his past bleeding into his present, Ash has to free not only his co-worker but also part of himself before that voice achieves its nefarious goal.

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Lost Among Shadows

When medium Valentine’s search for, what he calls the Darkness Stirring, leads him to Morson, he learns the true nature of what he’s chasing. Now aware of the danger he’s put himself in, Valentine must choose between helping the darkness and helping himself.

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