Why GoG.com is Awesome

After realizing that GoG didn’t implement 2 step authentication until about a year after I lost that email and announced it via email, I decided to try my luck with support after all.

I honestly expected a negative response. They don’t save much dated, thus leaving few ways to verify identity, plus I tend to make up none vital information.Call me paranoid

Call me paranoid but I don’t like someone having my real data when they don’t need it.

Instead, they asked me for information I could provide and then changed my email for me.

I buy maybe one or two games/series a decade on average so I’m not exactly a good customer, but, that is awesome.



The Unforeseen Consequences of a Dead HDD

I have an old email address that got compromised years ago and subsequently deleted by google. All my gaming accounts were tied to that email and I thought I’d changed them all to a new one. Then I tried to log in to GOG and apparently I haven’t done that in years. They want me to confirm my identity by clicking the link sent to the dead email. Yay!

Admittedly, I could re-enable that email if I knew the password to an AOL account so old it doesn’t have password recovery. And I do remember leaving AOL because it kept deleting emails it considered spam, which by the end was almost all of them…

So there go all my retro games.

I considered contacting GOG support but, I wouldn’t believe my story.

On a more positive note, I’m replaying Dragon Age. With more mods than should be allowed and it’s made for some amusing surprises.

Like Bann Teagan’s impeccable sense of dress.


I had a save with half the Redcliffe militia fending off undead naked. Removed a mod, they got dressed again but Teagan didn’t.