So, I Suck…

Since my last post here, I’ve managed to reset my browser to default a full three times. I’m still trying to recover all my sites and logins. The fact that I had a blog kind of got lost in the process and I only remembered now because I finished the rewrite of No Such Thing (now Lost and Found) and sent it through D2D to get the epub for Amazon. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon and all D2D vendors here, or you can read the pre-final edit version on fictionpress. Release date is the 31st.

On the writing front, I’ve come to realize that Mist has too much baggage attached to it for me to ever turn it into a decent story. It’s twenty years of story crammed into one and I can’t gain the distance to separate them. So, I’ve let it go. Maybe it was never meant to be or I’m just not ready for it but starting fresh’s been surprisingly freeing. Though I’ll likely filch the world at some point.


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