Take That 50k

After two exhausting ~10k days, I hit 50k yesterday. I’m, of course, far from done with this rewrite but I’m taking today off and then I’ll continue at a far more comfortable pace for the rest of the month. Gonna have to see now which of the original scenes are salvageable enough to keep and copy them in.

Oddly enough, this is the first time I didn’t get hit by the 2nd week slump.


2 thoughts on “Take That 50k

    1. Thanks. Normally I don’t write anywhere near that much, but in NaNo months, I push myself to the absolute limit. Ridiculous as it may sound, what drives me is the “at this rate you will finish on…” I always need to finish before that.
      As to where. I use a mix of LibreOffice and sides like MyWriteClub or FinalDeadline and the occasional twitter sprint.

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