Of Half-told Stories and Glaring Mistakes

While Mist still holds the majority of my attention, I’ve also been trying to come up with a more gripping blurb for What Lies Within. I failed, but it made me realize that WLW starts in the middle of the story rather than at the beginning. It should have started with Ash learning of the house’s imminent demolition and his decision to go there before it’s too late, not with him already there.

Not really sure what to do with that. A rewrite would turn it into a completely different, though deeper, story, but I’m not sure it’s worth doing. I might just write Ash Manor of as my “training wheels” series. At least I got a lot of time to decide. I’m not touching anything else until the first draft of Mist is done.

On a happier note, the “forced” NaNo break on  No Such Thing allowed me to realize that there’s a massive consistency error right on the first page.

The main character is lost deep inside a cave and carries that world’s version of a gaslamp. The lamp has been out of fuel for hours, yet, when he drops it, he sees the shards scatter. A little later, he also sees a path branch off from the main path.

I guess, distance really helps.


This is Why 10k Days are Bad for Me

Yes, I finished NaNoWriMo on day twelve but, it left me beyond drained. I spent almost a week puttering around at 100 to 200 words a day and am now slowly working my way back up. All in all, I’d probably be farther along with my project had I not pushed myself.

It’s not as bad as the 2014 hole, I guess. Back then, it took me almost six months to recover from my NaNo push.

It does set my schedule for the rest of the year, though. I’d thought of maybe squeezing Ash Manor IV and/or the rewrite of  No Such Thing into December but, I want to finish Mist before I even think of working on anything else. So, for now, my calendar is wiped off everything else.

Maybe next year, I’ll have learned my lesson…

Take That 50k

After two exhausting ~10k days, I hit 50k yesterday. I’m, of course, far from done with this rewrite but I’m taking today off and then I’ll continue at a far more comfortable pace for the rest of the month. Gonna have to see now which of the original scenes are salvageable enough to keep and copy them in.

Oddly enough, this is the first time I didn’t get hit by the 2nd week slump.

NaNoWriMo Day Four

Got almost 3k today. Broke my usual pattern though and skipped ahead to the final scenes. I just know that it’ll be completely useless when I get to that point, but today was one of those just-can’t-get-into-it days. Useless words are still better than no words.

The original version of this story featured a scene with two characters going completely off course to find some cinnamon. Wrote it with struck-out text, too because I never meant to keep it. Later on, it became the short story Cinnamon in John & Other Stories and it shattered that writer’s block.

NaNoWriMo Day Two

Got a far saner ~2k today. but the scenes leading up to the inciting incident ran a lot longer than I expected, so I’ve still got that ro look forwar to tomorrow.

On another note, I started Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker. I’d downloaded the provided draft version some time ago, but when I started reading, I felt as if I’d pirated it. So, I used the remainder of the coupon I had for the ebook. Either I’m weird or I’ve got too much money.

NaNoWriMo Day 1

Got off to a pretty decent start with just over 7k words but, I do feel like I tried to outrun a speeding car. Still, I got almost all my major characters in place and am about to hit the inciting incident. I’m just glad I took the time to outline because I honestly can’t remember what I meant to happen next. Considering that I technically already wrote this story back in 2014, this is kind of pathetic.