All it Takes is One Bad Scene

I was making okay progress on Ash Manor IV (couldn’t really get into it after my initial excitement) until one scene took a turn I didn’t expect and couldn’t work with and it stalled me almost completely. I know what needs fixing but can’t wrap my head around how yet, and I know I’ll just generate throwaway trash if I go out of order.

Just so I’m not doing nothing I’ve tackled the re-revision (curse myself) of No Such Thing. I’ve unpublished that for now and will rerelease possibly with a new title/ASIN once I finish. I’ve also been doing some plotting for next month.

As this was more or less my original plan for October, I’m  not too upset about the stall. I suspect, I needed a break from Ash Manor the same way I can’t read two books from the same author back to back without getting bored (this sucks when you’re really excited about a sequel). I hadn’t originally planned on touching that until December or January and kind of wanted to start a second series before that.


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