Back to the Sword Coast

After losing days worth of Temple of Elemental Evil saves to corruption, I’m back to playing modded Baldur’s Gate. I’m still determined to finish a complete run of the trilogy one day.

For variety, I’m using an all mage party consisting of Xzar, Xan, Edwin, Quayle, Dynaheir, and an elven mage/thief PC.  They’ve been a bit hit and miss at the start, forcing me to sell many nice pieces of equipment just to keep up with the constant resurrections. Especially Xzar with his glorious 4hp.

Things got better when got 2nd level spells. Web and Horror have  been real lifesavers. I usually avoid Web and the like until I find a way to keep my melees from getting stuck, but with no melees, there’s no issue.

Now, I’m running around random maps hoping there’s a scroll of fireball hiding somewhere before heading to the Bandit Camp. I don’t think there is one before actual Baldur’s Gate, though. Xan’s a sorcerer, so I might just get him to level six first.

I’ve already used up the Wand of Fire from the ankheg cave, and with Strategems, Ulcaster’s not an option at this level I think. Might try it anyway.


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