Loving Draft2Digital Right Now

Because I never learn from my mistakes, I didn’t make a copy when I decided to rework What Lies Within. I initially meant to release the new version months ago but stuff happened and I didn’t get it done. Realising that I’d rather finish Lost Among Shadows first, I cursed myself because now I no longer had the original file and thus couldn’t stick previews in the first two until I finished WLW.

But because I also never do the work I’m supposed to do. I gave in and made a new cover for A Crack in Time. When I went to stick that on D2D I found my salvation: Document on file (Download?). So, I’ve got options again. Yay, me!

A Crack in Time new cover and blurb:

copy-of-copy-of-lotst-among-shadows1When Mark finds himself stranded in a world of darkness, he wants to go home no matter the coast. Turns out that banding together with a giant slug to outsmart the sentient mist acting as a gatekeeper, may not be the best idea he’s ever had.

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