Back to the Sword Coast

After losing days worth of Temple of Elemental Evil saves to corruption, I’m back to playing modded Baldur’s Gate. I’m still determined to finish a complete run of the trilogy one day.

For variety, I’m using an all mage party consisting of Xzar, Xan, Edwin, Quayle, Dynaheir, and an elven mage/thief PC.  They’ve been a bit hit and miss at the start, forcing me to sell many nice pieces of equipment just to keep up with the constant resurrections. Especially Xzar with his glorious 4hp.

Things got better when got 2nd level spells. Web and Horror have  been real lifesavers. I usually avoid Web and the like until I find a way to keep my melees from getting stuck, but with no melees, there’s no issue.

Now, I’m running around random maps hoping there’s a scroll of fireball hiding somewhere before heading to the Bandit Camp. I don’t think there is one before actual Baldur’s Gate, though. Xan’s a sorcerer, so I might just get him to level six first.

I’ve already used up the Wand of Fire from the ankheg cave, and with Strategems, Ulcaster’s not an option at this level I think. Might try it anyway.


Trying This First in Series Free Thing

Five days ahead of schedule, the revised and slightly extended version of What Lies Within is now free everywhere but Amazon. No idea if I can get them to price match or how long it’s gonna take. I’m considering putting it up on sides like Fictionpress and Wattpad, too.


Get it here.

Honestly, though, I’m just ahead of schedule because I can’t bring myself to touch No Such Thing at the moment. I’m just not feeling like fantasy… But that also means I’m ~2k into Ash Manor IV, which will be the final volume if it kills me. Okay, that’s a lie but should it run too long I’m not splitting it until revision. I’m kind of hoping, I can finish it in October because then I can start a new series during NaNoWriMo.

If that doesn’t happen, I’ll tackle the Beast aka my NaNo of 2014 instead.

Feeling Accomplished

So, many months late, I finally finished the revision of Lost Among Shadows. Until yesterday, I wasn’t even convinced I’d manage this month, but the last twenty or so pages were a breeze, pushing me way past my average of three per day. Final spellcheck should take me another day or two, but first I’ll update the covers for the entire serial.

Then I’m going to take a short break from Ash Manor to fix up No Such Thing before taking that wide.  Then it’s back to What Lies Within.

Loving Draft2Digital Right Now

Because I never learn from my mistakes, I didn’t make a copy when I decided to rework What Lies Within. I initially meant to release the new version months ago but stuff happened and I didn’t get it done. Realising that I’d rather finish Lost Among Shadows first, I cursed myself because now I no longer had the original file and thus couldn’t stick previews in the first two until I finished WLW.

But because I also never do the work I’m supposed to do. I gave in and made a new cover for A Crack in Time. When I went to stick that on D2D I found my salvation: Document on file (Download?). So, I’ve got options again. Yay, me!

A Crack in Time new cover and blurb:

copy-of-copy-of-lotst-among-shadows1When Mark finds himself stranded in a world of darkness, he wants to go home no matter the coast. Turns out that banding together with a giant slug to outsmart the sentient mist acting as a gatekeeper, may not be the best idea he’s ever had.

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