Weeks and Countless Coins Sunk Into Pulling an Abyssal Hand Octillery

I finally got one two days ago, which left me a little unsure as to how to proceed. Fish for another Octillery, Shaymin-Ex, or just go Steam Siege?

I settled on Steam Siege mostly because that’s what you get for tournaments right now and I needed another thirty or so coins for this week’s promo. The first one I conceded upon realizing my opponent was playing Nightmarch. Started another and placed second.  After that, I logged out and got some more editing/revising done.

Today, I remembered the uncommon chest I “won” in that first match and considered trading it away for whatever. I’ve never had any luck with them. Fortunately, nothing on Public Trade interested me, because that useless little chest contained a Setup Shaymin. That’s hands down my best pull ever. This week’s been insane TCGO wise.


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