So, I Do Need Two Screens

After struggling with this for a week (read: being amazingly unproductive), I switched back to my laptop coupled with my monitor. And it’s amazing. I’ve gotten more revision done in just a day than all last week. It seems I need some sort of minor distraction to focus. Just having a random page on my other screen helps. Never could work with those distraction-free word processors or study in silence…

Anyway, I’ve hit a chapter now that needs an almost complete rewrite, but it’s going surprisingly well. Might even finish that today.I’ve an end in sight now. But, I’d like to release a revised and slightly extended version of What Lies Within before Lost Among Shadows and make it permafree, too. Depending on how much longer Lost takes me, I may delay that. I’m not waiting until next year or so to release Lost.

Not sure, if I’ll dive right into the final Ash Manor Episode after that or start a new series. Or, for a change, finish one of those 30k fantasy starts I’ve floating around.


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