Back on a Desktop for Now

Yesterday, I got it into my head to see if my old computer still worked and if it was worth getting it a new graphics card. I always looked down on the poor machine because it has a Radeon card and I despise those. Had nothing but trouble with them throughout the years.

That computer is somewhere between one and six months older than the laptop and I hadn’t used it in a good 3.5 years… So, I spent an hour searching for a power cord that might well have still been at my mother’s. Found two in the end and have no clue where the other came from.

I kind of expected to find a rather pathetic i3 1.7 GHz processor. All my memory supplied about this computer was desperation buy therefor bad. I found a nice 3.3 Ghz and the fan keeps blowing cool air at me. And the hard drive is so nice and empty.Laptop’s been warning me about low space for ages.

Now I just gotta settle on a nice graphics card and I’m all set. Provided I don’t blow the thing up installing it.

It’s kind of weird to use only one screen, though. Haven’t done that since at least 2012. I miss watching movies on the side (Yeah, I’m one of those no-TV people).


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