Well, I Screwed That Up

I played around with Canva and made a new cover for No Such Thing. But when I went to upload it to Amazon, I noticed that the page number was suspiciously low.

Turns out I published the wrong file, which unfortunately is also the only version I kept. I guess, at least, it’s the version after the massive rewrite and not the original. Still, this kind of sucks Now, I get to re-revise the thing before taking it wide next month.

Because the only thing I really lost is some more in depth description and potential tie-in for future stories, I’ve decided against unpublishing. That and I’m not a big seller anyway.

On the positive side, I’m making decent progress on Lost Among Shadows. It’s a pleasant mix of passages that need massive rewrites and those that only need minor fixes. So, I’ll get stuck for ages on one page than breeze through the next ten.


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