Should Have Gone Into Hibernation

The heat’s killing me. I’ve spent all  of July either so tired my vision blurs or with a headache because the temperature’s about to change…

I’m slogging through revision far slower than I normally would. I mean revisions always been draining to me, but at the moment a whole page is a good day. I tried working with Hemmingway app for a bit, but trying to get rid of all those nasty red sentences and minimizing the yellows slowed me down even more. As I’m using Grammarly plug-in, I’ll probably chase the final result through it and have another look.

I’ve also been stupid enough to revise out of order because I really wanted to edit an aspect scene. The aspect’s nice and easy. But now, revision of what comes before that made Ash do something tp change the aspect’s attitude toward him and thus the way the aspect’s scene plays out. I like the new development, so, it’s staying. It show’s another side of Ash and works as a bit of foreshadowing.

Oh, and I’m doing away with all deadlines. Never meet the ones I set myself anyway. The only deadline I’ve ever met is Amazon’s preorder and that I’m banned from till October. So, I’m now adopting a “when it’s done it’s done” attitude. Not like someone’s going to come after me.


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