It’s a Love /Hate Thing

After adding a few scenes to A Fool’s Errand and feeling like they had little to nothing to do with what I’d already written, I realized that, if I wanted this to go anywhere, I’d have to read through and reacquaint myself with the whole thing. Since I didn’t fancy the idea of reading 40k+ words on a computer screen and managed to wreck my only printer cartridge, I had to wait for the stores to reopen today. Only to realize that I could have just turned the whole thing into a quick and dirty ebook and dumped it on my Kindle…

On the bright side, I spent the weekend reading through a March printout of Ash Manor 3 (now tentatively titled Lost Among Shadows) and rekindled my love for it. Seems I’m destined to hate every part of this serial at some point.That’s good to know because I was seriously considering pulling episodes 1 & 2 and pretending I never wrote them. Instead, I’ll be adding three scenes to this one while I read through A Fool’s Errand.


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