First Month Wide and New Relesase

I released A Crack in Time wide on March 31st and until April 21st, when What Lies Within came out of its Select term, that was the only title I had wide. Yet, while I’ve only gotten the Tolino statement so far, that one title not only brought in more than John & Other Stories did in August 2015, it also outperformed six titles on Amazon in April. Though I’ll likely send future releases through a single Select term, I’m staying wide and looking toward adding Smashwords.

On May 9th, I released No Such Thing on Amazon. No such thing is a short story set in the same universe as my short stories Just Us (John & Other Stories) and A Child’s Playmate (Winged Tales) and kind of a prequel to a series I’m planning to start later this year.

No Such Thing

Add heading (4)Sidr wants a safe adventure before he commits to the quiet—and boring—life of a farmer. Though often visited by all sorts of adventurers and said to hold an ancient treasure deep within, the cavern just outside of town seems like a great place to find such a thing. Even children play in there without trouble.
But Sidr, being neither child nor adventurer, wastes no time in getting lost in the intertwining tunnels of the cave.
Can he survive long enough to make his way back to the surface? And what about that treasure?
Find out in No Such Thing.


Get it here

Now I’m back to writing A Fool’s Errand and I have to say, distancing myself a bit helped  with getting over the  loss and with seeing through the outline diversion. I remember too little of what I already wrote to be bothered by it…



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