Small Personal Comparison of Pantsing VS Plotting

I finally read through what I have of A Fool’s Errand (outlined). Then, just for fun, I compared it to Lost Among Shadows (starting point plus rough idea where I was going) and the first quarter of Chaos Unbound, my 2014 NaNo (pantsed).  Despite its reluctance to adhere to my outline, I expected Fool to be the most consistent plotwise. If anything  it’s the least while Chaos is the most consistent.

If anything  it’s the least while Chaos is the most consistent. True, Chaos has its own share of problems. Like the threaded thin middle and an intentional Deus ex at the end, but even that doesn’t fully come out of nowhere. It’s hinted at throughout the story, but never properly set up.

It seems that A Fool’s Errand isn’t the story, I thought it was. I still want to write it, though. So, I’m going to scrap about 20k words and  carry on from there. Once I’ve released Lost Among Shadows. That one “only” needs to be revised and I want to get it out sometime this year. So, they’re trading places.


Procrastination Thy Name is Civilisation V

After a random Civ V video popped up in my Youtube feed,  I figured a quick game couldn’t hurt. Only, I suck at strategy games and got it into my head to finally beat king difficulty, so one quick game became almost two weeks of “quick” games. Then I decided to see how well the Ai worked in a team.

Then I decided to see how well the AI worked in a team. Ended up with Caesar to my right, Washington above, Isabella to my left, and two other civs that didn’t make to the end of the game. Washington and Caesar were on my team, which turned out to be both a blessing and a curse as Washington started bullying city-states by turn ten and Ceasar waged war after war on the other two AIs. As a result, I spent most of the game  at war with Isabella, but at least, Washington sent troops every time.

At some point Isabella captured a city, I’d founded on accident and which was tanking my happiness. Washington returned it to me a few turns later. So, I gave it to him, almost cutting myself off completely from Isabella.Hey, that was his war after all.

Around this time, someone built the UN– an unachievable victory condition, because all the City states belonged to either Isabella or Washington and two AIs were gone. So, good job whoever tried to go for that. When the time for voting came, the victory screen popped up. I’d forgotten to disable time-based victory.

All in all, it was a fun game with a somewhat unsatisfying end, but I beat king and now I’m back to working.




It’s a Love /Hate Thing

After adding a few scenes to A Fool’s Errand and feeling like they had little to nothing to do with what I’d already written, I realized that, if I wanted this to go anywhere, I’d have to read through and reacquaint myself with the whole thing. Since I didn’t fancy the idea of reading 40k+ words on a computer screen and managed to wreck my only printer cartridge, I had to wait for the stores to reopen today. Only to realize that I could have just turned the whole thing into a quick and dirty ebook and dumped it on my Kindle…

On the bright side, I spent the weekend reading through a March printout of Ash Manor 3 (now tentatively titled Lost Among Shadows) and rekindled my love for it. Seems I’m destined to hate every part of this serial at some point.That’s good to know because I was seriously considering pulling episodes 1 & 2 and pretending I never wrote them. Instead, I’ll be adding three scenes to this one while I read through A Fool’s Errand.

First Month Wide and New Relesase

I released A Crack in Time wide on March 31st and until April 21st, when What Lies Within came out of its Select term, that was the only title I had wide. Yet, while I’ve only gotten the Tolino statement so far, that one title not only brought in more than John & Other Stories did in August 2015, it also outperformed six titles on Amazon in April. Though I’ll likely send future releases through a single Select term, I’m staying wide and looking toward adding Smashwords.

On May 9th, I released No Such Thing on Amazon. No such thing is a short story set in the same universe as my short stories Just Us (John & Other Stories) and A Child’s Playmate (Winged Tales) and kind of a prequel to a series I’m planning to start later this year.

No Such Thing

Add heading (4)Sidr wants a safe adventure before he commits to the quiet—and boring—life of a farmer. Though often visited by all sorts of adventurers and said to hold an ancient treasure deep within, the cavern just outside of town seems like a great place to find such a thing. Even children play in there without trouble.
But Sidr, being neither child nor adventurer, wastes no time in getting lost in the intertwining tunnels of the cave.
Can he survive long enough to make his way back to the surface? And what about that treasure?
Find out in No Such Thing.


Get it here

Now I’m back to writing A Fool’s Errand and I have to say, distancing myself a bit helped  with getting over the  loss and with seeing through the outline diversion. I remember too little of what I already wrote to be bothered by it…


A Minor Change of Plan and Direction

I’ve spent the last two weeks doing a major rewrite of the last finished short story, I wrote almost two years ago, bringing it from 1.9k to ~6k. I’m going to spend another week to get it ready for publication, then focus on A Fool’s Errand for the rest of May. That pushes Ash Manor 3 into June, but I’m feeling more like fantasy at the moment, so…

I’m waiting for D2D’s April statements before deciding whether or not the short does a turn in select. A Crack in Time hasn’t done much on Amazon (read anything), but if I’m reading tings right, it’s moved copies on other channels. And if that’s true, I’m saying goodbye to Select for good.