Camp NaNo Day Eight

Got just over 3k today, which shocked me because I wasn’t sure I’d even make it to 2k today. I woke with a headache and seriously unmotivated, but once I made myself start writing I pretty much plowed through chapter seven a large part of chapter eight. I did realise though that one of the outline diversion does make a later scene nonsensical. So, I’ve got some major changes coming at me.

I’ve also decided to give most of Diomar’s POV scenes to other characters since he spends most of his time in a cell and under the influence of a potion that numbs his mind.  Everything I intended to show from his point of view can easily be shown from other character’s, too.

Today also marks the first time, I didn’t get the second week slump. Though I’m feeling random spikes of guilt at not working on Ash Manor three. And I’m semi convinced I’ll never finish A Fool’s Errand.


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