Not as Bad a Loss as I Thought

I wrote one lonely scene since my big screw up and, within that scene,so much changed that I would have ended up ditching or heavily rewriting most of the beginning anyway.

Since, every time I write a scene with Fryn that so much as mentions Caden, he starts to worry about him, Fryn no longer gets to be the antagonist. Means I’ll have to make Perron more prominent  in the beginning. So, I essentially saved myself a lot of rewriting and inserting right there.

I’m also ditching the prologue for a scene, a little later,  that gives Caden and Diomar a stronger connection and Diomar a reason to care what becomes of Caden.

I’m still grieving for those 8k words, but I’m coming around.


Camp NaNo Update

A few days ago, I managed to delete a good 8k words while copying my daily progress into the main document. Of course, I didn’t notice until after I’d already “updated” all my backups. On the bright side, it was the very beginning before the story decided my outline doesn’t matter.So, at least, it’ll be easier to recreate than it could have been. Still frustrating, though.

I’m not going to give up on A Fool’s Errand, but I’m not going to push it at 2k+ a day anymore, either. I just don’t have the heart for that. Since I never raised my NaNo goal past the initial 30k I’d set myself (in case I wanted to revise Ash Manor instead), I’m good on that end.

Camp NaNo Day Thirteen

Got a little over 2k today. Not too bad, considering I spent most of yesterday cooking up new ideas for later use. At least, now I know that I really shouldn’t buy craft books right before the start of NaNo. I resisted for eleven days, though, so I’m proud.

I started today with a scene that put Caden on the path to blackmailing another major character, which is one of the worst crimes in this universe. Seems my characters didn’t like that idea, though, because Caden saw reason at the last moment and the came to an agreement instead.

Caden is shaping up to be a lot more open-minded than I thought.

Camp NaNo Day Eleven

~4.6k today, because I want to work on something else tomorrow. And through a bit of dialogue that never actually made it onto the page, I learned that Diomar is playing everyone. Now I get to go back and write a small scene about him hating his self-imposed role.  I’ll have to figure out how to keep him from being a completely passive character till Caden springs him. Shouldn’t be too hard what with all the people who find reason to wander into the dungeons.

But I’d really appreciate it if this story would stop throwing me loops right about now. Lest I end up with a villain who wants nothing but  to turn the world into a giant puppy paradise…

Camp NaNo Belated Day Ten

I had ~2.7k.

I’m starting to think that I need to add a POV for the overarching villain just to give him a little more presence. On the other hand, he won’t have a reason to hate Caden until much later, so it might be okay for him to be a gnat for now. Other than that, the plot is working out well enough. Though what I’d originally intended as the end of act one, has become the middle of act two.

Camp NaNo Day Eight

Got just over 3k today, which shocked me because I wasn’t sure I’d even make it to 2k today. I woke with a headache and seriously unmotivated, but once I made myself start writing I pretty much plowed through chapter seven a large part of chapter eight. I did realise though that one of the outline diversion does make a later scene nonsensical. So, I’ve got some major changes coming at me.

I’ve also decided to give most of Diomar’s POV scenes to other characters since he spends most of his time in a cell and under the influence of a potion that numbs his mind.  Everything I intended to show from his point of view can easily be shown from other character’s, too.

Today also marks the first time, I didn’t get the second week slump. Though I’m feeling random spikes of guilt at not working on Ash Manor three. And I’m semi convinced I’ll never finish A Fool’s Errand.