A Crack in Time + Free Promo

A Crack in Time: A Shortstory is now life on Amazon and Kobo. Other vendors coming soon.


Mark always wanted proof for intelligent alien life. But when he finally gets his wish, he’d far rather find a way back home.
Trapped in almost complete darkness with a talking cloud, Mark is presented with an opportunity most could only dream off. But said cloud isn’t very forthcoming. Add a giant slug into the mix and an odd noise that’s definitely going to drive Mark crazy if he doesn’t get away soon.
Can he escape in time, or will he bring ruin upon himself and everything that’s ever lived?


Beyond the Wall will be free until Saturday


Forced to stay in Morson a while longer, Ash takes a job at the local movie theater. Something about the place seems off from the get go, but curiosity drives him to stay and, for a while life seems great. Then Ash finds something carved into the floor under the carpet at the theater.
Things spiral out of control, when that voice decides to pay him a visit, letting him know that it’s not over. And that voice isn’t the only thing to survive and cross over into reality.

Can Ash figure out what’s going on in time to safe a friend? A building? And most importantly himself?
Find out in Beyond the Wall Part 2 of the Ash Manor Series.


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