Tried to Outline and the Universe Said No

A few days ago, I was working on my outline for Camp NaNo. Went to save it and the stupid program crashed mid-process. I tried to recover the file for an entire night and nothing.

I guess, I should take that as a sign: I’m not meant to be a plotter. Thing is, I want to be. It’s fun and I’m stubborn. So, I spent the last few days recreating my outline from memory and filling in what I couldn’t remember with new material. And the new outline is better and tighter–more in-depth, too. So, take that Universe!

I also took a moment to run one of the stories from Winged Tales through Grammarly for fun and nearly had a heart attack when a 2k word story came up with 60 critical errors. Then I realized that the characters in that story are called Seelas and Arlax, which Grammarly, obviously, didn’t recognize.


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