My Early Writing Years

Unfortunately (or fortunately) none of my writing from elementary school or the decade after, exists anymore and I remember very little of it. Except for one story in my Happy Dogs “series”, in which I introduced a new character who ended up living with the main cast for days. Thing is, I never named him, so when I finally noticed that several stories later and tried to fix my oversight, I ran into a snag. The whole thing was written longhand and only the very bottom of the page remained. I ended up with going with something along the lines of: As he left, he said, “Oh, by the way, my name is…”

As he left, he said, “Oh, by the way, my name is…”

The next thing I remember was my first ever intended novel length work, which featured a bunch of children traveling across the country to learn to control their powers from a mysterious stranger.  I somehow got it into my head that every page had to have every character. On top of that colossal mess, the whole thing was a massive rip off of the Shining. I even called it that… And since, in the 90s, I apparently didn’t care much about originality or copyright, I followed that up with a ripoff of Sliders.

After that came a story about a soul eating orphanage,  featuring a villain named Annelie. That one died when it got confiscated by the school’s most despised teacher, whom I, later on, found out, shared the villain’s name… Fun times.During that time a friend and I also produced a “magazine” named either Hamster News or Hamster Times, which none one but us ever got to see. Mostly because I was really into breeding those rodents at the time.

During most of this time, I also fancied myself a poet. I had a whole binder full of these poems…and they all sucked. I remember destroying them  sometime in the early 21st century.





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