Sometimes, Compromising Helps

Compromising on how I split my writing time allowed me to finally push past the first few chapters hurdle for Unveiled. I’m up to 13k now, which puts me right on track to finish it this month and keep A Fool’s Errand for Camp NaNo next month. Though the way the story is developing, makes me wonder if I shouldn’t find a reasonable place to split and turn it into two books because at this rate it’ll end up about twice as long as Beyond the Wall. And that would put me at a series progression of 12k->25k->50k+. I’m not sure I like that. I definitely want to move into full-length novel territory for future works but  within a series? I’ll see where I’m at story wise at the 25k marker and decide then.

I’ve also discovered that, in 3rd person, Heart is one of my least favorite characters to write. It makes him a lot less intense, but the jarring transition now would just be jarring without serving a purpose. So, I’m going to have to suck it up. On the positive side, it also means less swearing from him, though he still swears more than the other characters and definitely more than me.

I’m kind of curious to see how long this one will take me to revise and edit after. Book 1 took a good two months and book 2 just over one. If book 3 takes less than that, I’m calling shenanigans…


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