I Don’t Know Why I Bother Anymore

With setting myself goals and targets, that is.

My plan was perfect: Write a fantasy novella (which I’ve taken to calling A Fool’s Errand or A Dagger Named Dael) while planning Unveiled.

Except every time I sat down to write the fantasy, I started to feel guilty because I wasn’t writing Unveiled.About 2k words in, I stalled myself almost completely. I know where the fantasy is going and I know what I want to happen, but alas I can’t write it. So, I gave in and switched to Unveiled, writing scenes as I developed the story further. Only that didn’t work either, because I wanted to write the other. Stalled around the same time.

I’ve staggered along between those two all month now. Not making much progress but not giving up either. Yesterday, I finally found a compromise both me and my muse could agree on: One day a week is for Dael the rest for Unveiled. That got me almost 2k, which for me is a pretty good day. So, crisis averted.

On the Baldur’s Gate front: I kinda wrecked that, too. I fiddled with some files and accidently deleted my megamod install when my mouse froze and unfroze at the worst moment. But I’m too set on doing a full playthrough, this time, to give up.So, I did a new Mega Mod install with a slightly different setup and almost all the available NPCs. Call me crazy, but I mean for this one to last a good long time. Took a whopping 11 hours to do, but is surprisingly less laggy than the previous one, go figure.

I’m currently kind of in love with Vynd. He’s sarcastic and wtty and doesn’t go on about how tormented he is. Nothing against Drizzt, but this is what a drow is supposed to be like, in my opinion, and I can’t be the only who thought Kimmuriel deserved more ‘screentime’.



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