Six Naked Casters in an Asylum

After two days of trying to figure out why BiG Setup wasn’t working and then finally remembering that I needed to run as admin, I was kind of annoyed and didn’t bother to check the modlist on the final try.As such, I manged to end up in Spellhold with no equipment, a druid, a cleric, two sorcerer’s, a mage, and a fighter/mage. Fun times! Especially considering how much my setup depended on immunities and resistancies granted by said equipment.

I started this run mostly to try out that Xan NPC mod and figured I’d give Kelsey a spin, too. Never intended it to be this caster heavy. I used Shadowkeeper to change Viconia to a cleric/thief just so I could avoid taking another mage. Alas none of the meatshields could out-tank my PC. So they all left the party soon after joining. And I just can’t say no to Edwin. Arrogant, evil mage? Gimme!

Thing is, despite the complete lack of a “proper” tank, they’re doing pretty well. Edwin’s the only one who can’t get his AC below zero. He’s got dips should I come across a sling.

I kind of think that this is one of the better party setups for naked Spellhold. Lots of resting, but I can’t see a fighter type, dependent on weapons and armor, have this easy a time.

I did die once, though, when my PC got wedged between the party and a hungry umberhulk and stoneskin ran out.



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