Those Harpers Can Hide

I’m still making my way through baldur’s Gate 2, though Shadows of Amn is taking a lot longer to complete than BG 1. It’s not a breathe through and be done kind of game. I’ve been playing for about a month and I haven’t even really touched any of the mod contents yet.  I can definitely see why this game’s still alive. I don’t buy a lot of games, but when I do, I’m usually done with them in a week and I never come back.

Anyway, I picked up Jaheira. Figured I’d do some of her quest while waiting for Edwin to turn back. Reviane (?) caught up with us in Trademeet and went down easy enough. Only, I couldn’t find her mage’s loot.After searching the area and resting, I figured there’d never been a mage and went to take care of the rakshasa. Did a few other things, too and came back a good week later.

Lo and behold, there’s the mage, sitting outside the mayor’s mansion. He must have dodged all my attempts to get rid of his invisibility. Without his meatshields, the poor guy stood no chance.

Off to Spellhold now.


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