A Title, At Last

I’m officially calling Ash Manor 3 Unveiled now. It doesn’t matched the title of the other two, but it fits the book’s content.It’s gonna be a while before I get around to writing it, because I want to wrap up Ash’s story with this one. So, I’m actually doing some extensive planning for this one. I also want to leave a couple of leads in there for me to pick up, if I want to play some more in the universe. And I have to do it in a way that doesn’t matter, if it takes me a year to get around to it.

Meanwhile, I’m writing a fantasy story about a thief who sets out to steal the religious rulers’ most precious artifact and ends up forced into their ranks only to realize that everything he thought he knew about them, is wrong. But that doesn’t make them good people, and now he has to find a way out of the compound and rescue his beloved dagger along the way.

That’s probably a pretty bad summary, but those have always been a shortcoming of mine. It’s fun to write, though and it’s based on a short story, I found hiding on my hard drive.

Depending on how long it takes me to finish, I’ll release that before I start Unveiled.


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