So, I Broke My KENPC

Yesterday, I got it into my head to switch one of my books from Word to Sigil. Took me all day to figure that one out (and to realize I’d gotten an ancient version of Sigil, but let’s not mention that).

Of course, I didn’t try it on John, which I’d declared  my test subject  the day I published it, but on Beyond the Wall. Checked the file on Calibre, converted it and checked it on two kindles, then checked the previews. All looked fine and ready to go. So, I hit publish. When it got through, I checked KENPC first–just in case it had done horrid things to it. It h had. Beyond the Wall dropped from over 100 KENPC to 1.

I figured I’d let it sit for a day. See if it rights itself then contact Amazon and went to check out the Look Inside. And it was wrecked. Every single line after the first paragraph was indented…

Now, I kinda freaked. Not knowing much beyond very basic html, I had no idea what went wrong and where. So, I fiddled with the file for a bit, uploaded the new file, crossed my fingers, and went to bed.

Fortunately, the Look Inside is is now. KENPC’s still 1, though. That leaves me with a bit of a logical issue. I haven’t learned my lesson and still plan to switch all my files over. So, there’s little point in reporting this now. When I might have another four books with the same issue next week.


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