Free Book Promtion

What Lies Within is free until Friday.



With no memories beyond the last ten years, Ash seeks out the house he grew up in, hoping to find, not only clues to his identity, but also a way to stop the gnawing he hears whenever the world around him gets too quiet. Instead he finds the place abandoned and ready to collapse in on itself. Taunted by the voice in his head and unwilling to fail after he’s finally overcome his fear of this place, he braves the danger, but things only get worse once inside. And the two ghosts, who seem to blame him for the state of the house, aren’t even the biggest problem.
What Ash learns from them and the sudden onslaught of visions from a time he couldn’t possibly remember, puts him in front of a decision that will alter his life forever. Can Ash muster the courage to enter the hidden dimension at the house’s core and face the creature residing there before it’s too late for all of them?

Follow Ash on his journey to a world just beyond our own. Where nothing is as it seems to be.


Get it here.


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