Novelette to Novella

I Just finished revisions on  Beyond the Wall. And I’m only about a week past my deadline (Why do I still give myself these?). Still gotta do spellcheck, but other than that it’s good to go.  There’s, of course, always that conviction that it’s the worst thing I ever wrote…

At some point, I got worried that I couldn’t push it to 20k. Then a 900 word scene exploded into a 2k one, and the one after did the same. Let’s just say, there was a lot of detail missing toward the end. Somewhere around page forty, I started to gain anywhere from half a page to two per page I revised. Good for length, but bad for moral when you start at fifteen pages to go and end on seventeen. For several days I couldn’t crack ten, because I kept bouncing up.

In the end 17.7k words became 25.5k. I’d say, I hit my target. So, beyond the Wall will be out next week, if it kills me. I’ve started book 3 now, too. Got the cover pretty much figured out and the first few pages written, but still no title.

I’ve also finished Baldur’s Gate twice since, because I wrecked my safe, when Davaeorn fled up the stair and vanished into the mines. I ended up not killing him, which meant I had to cheat to continue upon reaching Baldur’s Gate. So I made a new BiG install and started over, because I didn’t trust the save I copied over.

Now, I’m in Athkatla, with Anomen whining at me to finish Windspear Hills. I will, at some point, but right now: Big, fat dragons = scary. If he runs off, I’ll take Korgan instead. No Keldorn, because I’ve nver done the Bohdi path.



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