I Don’t Know Why I Bother Anymore

With setting myself goals and targets, that is.

My plan was perfect: Write a fantasy novella (which I’ve taken to calling A Fool’s Errand or A Dagger Named Dael) while planning Unveiled.

Except every time I sat down to write the fantasy, I started to feel guilty because I wasn’t writing Unveiled.About 2k words in, I stalled myself almost completely. I know where the fantasy is going and I know what I want to happen, but alas I can’t write it. So, I gave in and switched to Unveiled, writing scenes as I developed the story further. Only that didn’t work either, because I wanted to write the other. Stalled around the same time.

I’ve staggered along between those two all month now. Not making much progress but not giving up either. Yesterday, I finally found a compromise both me and my muse could agree on: One day a week is for Dael the rest for Unveiled. That got me almost 2k, which for me is a pretty good day. So, crisis averted.

On the Baldur’s Gate front: I kinda wrecked that, too. I fiddled with some files and accidently deleted my megamod install when my mouse froze and unfroze at the worst moment. But I’m too set on doing a full playthrough, this time, to give up.So, I did a new Mega Mod install with a slightly different setup and almost all the available NPCs. Call me crazy, but I mean for this one to last a good long time. Took a whopping 11 hours to do, but is surprisingly less laggy than the previous one, go figure.

I’m currently kind of in love with Vynd. He’s sarcastic and wtty and doesn’t go on about how tormented he is. Nothing against Drizzt, but this is what a drow is supposed to be like, in my opinion, and I can’t be the only who thought Kimmuriel deserved more ‘screentime’.



Six Naked Casters in an Asylum

After two days of trying to figure out why BiG Setup wasn’t working and then finally remembering that I needed to run as admin, I was kind of annoyed and didn’t bother to check the modlist on the final try.As such, I manged to end up in Spellhold with no equipment, a druid, a cleric, two sorcerer’s, a mage, and a fighter/mage. Fun times! Especially considering how much my setup depended on immunities and resistancies granted by said equipment.

I started this run mostly to try out that Xan NPC mod and figured I’d give Kelsey a spin, too. Never intended it to be this caster heavy. I used Shadowkeeper to change Viconia to a cleric/thief just so I could avoid taking another mage. Alas none of the meatshields could out-tank my PC. So they all left the party soon after joining. And I just can’t say no to Edwin. Arrogant, evil mage? Gimme!

Thing is, despite the complete lack of a “proper” tank, they’re doing pretty well. Edwin’s the only one who can’t get his AC below zero. He’s got dips should I come across a sling.

I kind of think that this is one of the better party setups for naked Spellhold. Lots of resting, but I can’t see a fighter type, dependent on weapons and armor, have this easy a time.

I did die once, though, when my PC got wedged between the party and a hungry umberhulk and stoneskin ran out.


A Title, At Last

I’m officially calling Ash Manor 3 Unveiled now. It doesn’t matched the title of the other two, but it fits the book’s content.It’s gonna be a while before I get around to writing it, because I want to wrap up Ash’s story with this one. So, I’m actually doing some extensive planning for this one. I also want to leave a couple of leads in there for me to pick up, if I want to play some more in the universe. And I have to do it in a way that doesn’t matter, if it takes me a year to get around to it.

Meanwhile, I’m writing a fantasy story about a thief who sets out to steal the religious rulers’ most precious artifact and ends up forced into their ranks only to realize that everything he thought he knew about them, is wrong. But that doesn’t make them good people, and now he has to find a way out of the compound and rescue his beloved dagger along the way.

That’s probably a pretty bad summary, but those have always been a shortcoming of mine. It’s fun to write, though and it’s based on a short story, I found hiding on my hard drive.

Depending on how long it takes me to finish, I’ll release that before I start Unveiled.

Those Harpers Can Hide

I’m still making my way through baldur’s Gate 2, though Shadows of Amn is taking a lot longer to complete than BG 1. It’s not a breathe through and be done kind of game. I’ve been playing for about a month and I haven’t even really touched any of the mod contents yet.  I can definitely see why this game’s still alive. I don’t buy a lot of games, but when I do, I’m usually done with them in a week and I never come back.

Anyway, I picked up Jaheira. Figured I’d do some of her quest while waiting for Edwin to turn back. Reviane (?) caught up with us in Trademeet and went down easy enough. Only, I couldn’t find her mage’s loot.After searching the area and resting, I figured there’d never been a mage and went to take care of the rakshasa. Did a few other things, too and came back a good week later.

Lo and behold, there’s the mage, sitting outside the mayor’s mansion. He must have dodged all my attempts to get rid of his invisibility. Without his meatshields, the poor guy stood no chance.

Off to Spellhold now.

So, I Broke My KENPC

Yesterday, I got it into my head to switch one of my books from Word to Sigil. Took me all day to figure that one out (and to realize I’d gotten an ancient version of Sigil, but let’s not mention that).

Of course, I didn’t try it on John, which I’d declared  my test subject  the day I published it, but on Beyond the Wall. Checked the file on Calibre, converted it and checked it on two kindles, then checked the previews. All looked fine and ready to go. So, I hit publish. When it got through, I checked KENPC first–just in case it had done horrid things to it. It h had. Beyond the Wall dropped from over 100 KENPC to 1.

I figured I’d let it sit for a day. See if it rights itself then contact Amazon and went to check out the Look Inside. And it was wrecked. Every single line after the first paragraph was indented…

Now, I kinda freaked. Not knowing much beyond very basic html, I had no idea what went wrong and where. So, I fiddled with the file for a bit, uploaded the new file, crossed my fingers, and went to bed.

Fortunately, the Look Inside is is now. KENPC’s still 1, though. That leaves me with a bit of a logical issue. I haven’t learned my lesson and still plan to switch all my files over. So, there’s little point in reporting this now. When I might have another four books with the same issue next week.

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Things spiral out of control, when that voice decides to pay him a visit, letting him know that it’s not over. And that voice isn’t the only thing to survive and cross over into reality.

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