What Not to Do While Revising

On Monday, I had the marvelous idea to start another run of Baldur’s Gate, because one of these days I’ll actually finish the entire saga. I’ve finished Bg I + II plenty of times but never TOB. Unfortunately, despite (or maybe because of) being ancient, Baldur’s Gate is still far more entertaining than revision. So I’ve revised a grant total of two pages since then. Just flattened the Bandit Camp with Fireballs, though…

I’m playing a BWP install from 2014. As such, I@ve no idea what mods I got install. I could check, but where’s the fun in that? I know I got Finch, who stole my kill in Beregost and SCS. Oh, and an item randomizer, because no Ring of Wizadry!

To think I hated this game  the first time I played it, and now I break it out at least once a year. Don’t judge! I need to take revenge on Tarnesh and that ogre for all the times they slaughtered me back then.

I do need to stop being lazy, though, and get back to work, or my January release might just turn into a January 2017 release. Not really, but… I’d just found my stride with revising, too.

I’m painfully slow when it comes to revising, too. If I put my mind to it, I can write 10k a day, but I tank at about three pages when it comes to revising. I’ve got about another 19 pages to go before I get to spellcheck. Very little chance of me making the 25th as I’d hoped and I’ve got only myself to blame.

At least Beyond the Wall isn’t anywhere near as big a mess as What Lies Within was . So far it’s only required some fleshing out and no major rewrites.



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