What Past Me Knew


About 2/3rds into Beyond the Wall, the story finally “told” me how it wanted to end. So, I pretty much spent the final act coming up with a least of things to add to previous chapters to bring the story together. And I was all excited about implementing these changes, too.  Only  now, every time, I reach one of the items on my list, it’s already there.  They all needed various degrees of fleshing out, but at least a hint of the concept is there.

I’m not really sure what to think of this. None of my other first drafts have this. Level up perhaps? It’s disappointing and exciting at the same time. This knowing that I wrote those words, yet I know, at best, half of what occurs in the story. The rest, I’m discovering as I go through. I used to think people, who claimed their stories wrote themselves, insane. Guess that’d make me insane, too.

That said. I’m also (re-)discovering  that revision goes so much easier when I don’t hate the story I’m revising. Of course, I’m also still convinced my writing should never see the light of day… But since random strangers disagree with that, who am I to judge?


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