What Not to Do While Revising

On Monday, I had the marvelous idea to start another run of Baldur’s Gate, because one of these days I’ll actually finish the entire saga. I’ve finished Bg I + II plenty of times but never TOB. Unfortunately, despite (or maybe because of) being ancient, Baldur’s Gate is still far more entertaining than revision. So I’ve revised a grant total of two pages since then. Just flattened the Bandit Camp with Fireballs, though…

I’m playing a BWP install from 2014. As such, I@ve no idea what mods I got install. I could check, but where’s the fun in that? I know I got Finch, who stole my kill in Beregost and SCS. Oh, and an item randomizer, because no Ring of Wizadry!

To think I hated this game  the first time I played it, and now I break it out at least once a year. Don’t judge! I need to take revenge on Tarnesh and that ogre for all the times they slaughtered me back then.

I do need to stop being lazy, though, and get back to work, or my January release might just turn into a January 2017 release. Not really, but… I’d just found my stride with revising, too.

I’m painfully slow when it comes to revising, too. If I put my mind to it, I can write 10k a day, but I tank at about three pages when it comes to revising. I’ve got about another 19 pages to go before I get to spellcheck. Very little chance of me making the 25th as I’d hoped and I’ve got only myself to blame.

At least Beyond the Wall isn’t anywhere near as big a mess as What Lies Within was . So far it’s only required some fleshing out and no major rewrites.



What Past Me Knew


About 2/3rds into Beyond the Wall, the story finally “told” me how it wanted to end. So, I pretty much spent the final act coming up with a least of things to add to previous chapters to bring the story together. And I was all excited about implementing these changes, too.  Only  now, every time, I reach one of the items on my list, it’s already there.  They all needed various degrees of fleshing out, but at least a hint of the concept is there.

I’m not really sure what to think of this. None of my other first drafts have this. Level up perhaps? It’s disappointing and exciting at the same time. This knowing that I wrote those words, yet I know, at best, half of what occurs in the story. The rest, I’m discovering as I go through. I used to think people, who claimed their stories wrote themselves, insane. Guess that’d make me insane, too.

That said. I’m also (re-)discovering  that revision goes so much easier when I don’t hate the story I’m revising. Of course, I’m also still convinced my writing should never see the light of day… But since random strangers disagree with that, who am I to judge?

Mount Typo is Just a Hill…

…or why I love yWriter.

I’ve always had this thing with reading out loud. I tend to stop in the middle of a sentence and not notice until pages later. So, finding typos that way was always impossible for me. For a while I used Natural Reader free to overcome the issue, but the Buy Now or  wait X seconds gets annoying when yo gotta get through several thousand words., and I’m not a big enough fan of the software to buy it. Call me weird, but I like Microsoft Sam. Where’s he gone off to anyway?

Then I misplaced my old Kindle Keyboard. I’m sure it’ around here somewhere, but I can’t use it and the batteries probably fried by now anyway; I haven’t seen the thing in months. Since then, I’ve spent copious amounts of energy on convincing myself that my titles are littered with typos, I can’t see.

Yesterday, I found the solution to my problem. yWriter has build in text to speech. So far, I’ve run  a few chapters of Beyond the Wall through it, and found surprisingly little typos. More than I’d like to find once its published, but far fewer than I feared. It’s one every three or so pages, when I expected vice versa.

My real issue seems to be doubled up words though. Within chapter one Ash’s had perpetual perpetual headaches, been in pain pain, and gone back back.

So, just to make sure, I’ll give everything I’ve published so far the yWriter treatment, with What Lies Within getting the first slot, so it’s all neat and tidy for Beyond the Wall‘s release. Gotta update the backmatter anyway…