Well, That Didn’t Work

It’s about 9:00 am the day after I started my “vacation.” Since then I’ve cleaned out two cupboards, watched four episodes of NCIS, plaid several rounds of Binding of Isaac, finished the Book Thief, swept the floor repeatedly, and started Way of Kings. In short I’m bored.There’s no way,I can keep this up for another two days. I don’t have enough rooms to clean for that, and this time of year, going outside here is like wading into a horde of zombies. Everyone’s in a holiday craze. Not that there’s anywhere here I’d actually want to go. All my favorite cafes are on winter breaks. And most of all, I miss writing. even if I’m about to go into a revision phase. Guess that means I’m in for the long haul?

So yeah. I’m calling off my time off. Less than 24 hours after it began. I guess that’s better than extending it into 2017 because I can’t find my groove again after…

New years resolution: Learn to appreciate time off.


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