When Sequels Demand to be Written

When I released What Lies Within, I hated the story and wanted nothing further to do with it. Yet, within a week, I started thinking of a sequel to it, and it kept intruding into everything else I tried to write. I struggled on for a bit until my dear muse gave me a more solid idea of what it was to be about, then I gave in and started writing it.

I’m about 11k into Beyond the Wall, and Ash is about to realize his world is far more dangerous than he thought.  Of course, this is bad for The Upper City, which I haven’t touched since. And to make matters worse or weirder, I still have no idea what genre What Lies Within really is. It’s got elements of many, but not enough to actually fit into any. Only thing I know is that it’s not the epic fantasy, I always saw myself writing. Makes Amazon categorizing a pain.

I’m hoping for a January release date around the time What Lies Within’s Select term renews, so I can run a free promo on that then.



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