Music Woes & the Long Nap

Yesterday, I figured I’d take a nap around 4:00 PM before getting started on my evening session. I woke up three hours later and made coffee, because I always need coffee no matter the time. It has long ceased to do anything on the keeping me awake front, but I still need it to wake up. While my coffee was brewing, I started to wonder why I’m not loopy at all. Normally after a nap, I can’t walk straight for quite some time.

I got my answer a short time later, when the sun came up. I slept nearly fifteen hours straight. This has never happened before, and I wasn’t even that tired when I lay down.My previous personal best was twelve, and then I was dizzy and seeing double by the tome I finally got to lie down.

Fast forward to today. There’s been quiet music running next doors for a few hours now, but since it was quiet and I was fiddling with Gimp anyway, I didn’t mind. Literally within minutes of m switching over to my text processor, the volume increased–by a lot. This is a problem on many levels.

I’m not a big fan of music in the first place–especially not modern “music”–but I hate loud music on a rage inducing level. Unfortunately for me, my loud starts at a level that’s considered normal by the majority of the population. I’ll make a great “old bat” one day.

I also tend to write in rhythm whenever I have to force myself to write through music. Even month later, I can still tell where the song changed, because my entire sentence structure changes along with it. It’s a pain to sort that out during revision.

I won’t complain, though, because it’s hardly their fault, I’m so easily annoyed, but it means further delay on my writing.


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