Goodbye Pre-Order Privileges

Yup, I screwed up. I failed to realize that Textbook Creator literally meant textbooks and not books containing only text. I used it on Winged Tales which made it Print Replica with no details other than the filesize, because there’s no print edition.  Go me!

So, I canceled the pre-order and lost my privileges for a year. I’m not bothering support with this, because it’s my mistake, and I should suffer the consequences.  Besides, i only used pre-order to keep myself from slacking off anyway. I’m nowhere near big enough to actually get pre-orders. Maybe in a year I’ll be.

On the bright side, though, this means that Winged Tales is now available for purchase here.



From a young dragon’s first flight, brought on by a desperate need to escape a slobbering beast, to a woman’s flight from her former team, Winged Tales is a collection of short stories that touch on the subject of flying either literally or figuratively. Not all is as it seems, and sometimes you have to look closer to find the wings.




And it will be free from Nov 27th to Dec 1st.


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