Done and Done

I hit 50k on the 20th,  and rather than pushing on, I’m letting Dorren take a short rest–in a basement with a guy, he considers a pompous idiot, and a giant map of an unknown location–to finish the revision of what I’m now calling Winged Tales. A collection of short stories that all involve flight, either via a creature capable of such or ideas. I’m almost done, too. One final pass for typos and such, and that’s it.  I’ve submitted it for pre-order today just so I don’t start slacking off. And because I want to see how many pages Amazon gives it, so I can price it. It’s not live yet, but it’s there and I can’t back out now.

True, I’m not reeling in money, but I love self-publishing, and if I never do anything else again in my life, I’ll die a happy person.


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