Characters Ruin Everything

I’ve been in a bit off a funk over the last week; had several below 1k days. I’m at 35k, so I’ll still make 50k by the end of the month, but I doubt I’ll manage a complete draft.

Part of this is because, I’ve chosen the worst time possible to rediscover Titan Quest and been playing that a whole lot more, than I should…

Mostly, though, it’s because I had to write out a character, I was growing quite attached to, and he won’t be back for quite a while. I also had to introduce a character, whom I’d probably punch in the face, if I ever met him. I honestly like my antagonist better than this guy, and he’s a two faced bastard. He fits the role, though, so he’s staying. Woe is me…

I’m also beginning to wonder why I bothered to outline at all. I’ve deviated so far from that, I might as well be pantsing. I kind of am, because most of the later events in my outline have become impossible now.

At some point, I decided that instead of weekends, the upper city has the height of the week, which is essentially code for the former slaves go meet in secret while the scribes get drunk. Two days later, I went scrolling through the text, because I’d convinced myself that I’d spelled it “hight” instead. I often remember nonexistent typos like that.



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