My Character Must Hate Me

One week into NaNoWriMo, I’m at  ~22k words, and every inclination of turning After The Fall into a short episode serial has died in a blazing inferno, because I only just reached the end of the first act. Not too bad , though. I don’t mind starting a novel length series. Might be better for sales anyway.I’m also very glad that my MC is fictional and not my  neighbor. I don’t think he likes me very much right now.

Since moving to the upper city, Dorren has made an enemy, almost lost his job, and met a woman who’ll annoy him to no end in the future. He’ll have to put up with her, though, because he needs her help. He’s also been forced to commit a crime, because an old business associate of a sort, has decided to blackmail him. Even with all this, he has yet to encounter the real threat. It’s fun to write, though.

Now that, I’m going with novel, I also added a second POV.

I also found a folder stuffed with a bunch of short stories, I don’t remember writing… So I’m revising those whenever I hit my NaNo wordcount. Might have a December release after all.

And What Lies Within sold its first copy


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