And To Think I Almost Didn’t Participate

It’s the 2nd and so far NaNoWriMo is a blast.  I ended the first day with 7350 words. I definitely can’t keep that up all month, but as long as I end with a a 2k per day average, I’m happy.

It’s also blown all my expectations and plans for the After The Fall Series I intended to write during NaNo, out of the water. I’d intended each episode to be between 10 and 15k, i’ve an in depth outline for most of book one and a rough one for the next three. With each chapter in the first book split into several beats.

I figured each beat would get me about 500 words. I just finished the third… . Ruins my chapter layout, too. I guess the short  story serial will be either a novel or novella series. I’ll have to modify the ending a bit then, because it’s too open for that.

Gotta say, though, this story has been withholding a ton of information from me. Like my MC’s “Save The Cat” action, saving his life in book three, because the character Dorren helps out is perfect for the role. And that Dorren’s secret role in toppling the former ruling class, is a whole lot more important than I realized.

This beats outlining style might actually work for me, because despite having a detailed plan, writing is still fun, and I’m still discovering new things.  If the same holds true for the next thing I write, I’m sticking with it. I’d love to because I enjoy plotting almost as much as writing itself. Yay for pantsers who love to plot!

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo, and if so, how are you doing so far?


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