What I Learned While Revising What Lies Within

You can’t spent months with a story and come out on the other side without having learned something. Even if you end up hating the story with a passion and start fantasizing about it and a bonfire in the backyard you don’t have. So here’s what I learned.

While I like the concept of Holly Lisle’s One-Pass Manuscript Revision, it really doesn’t work for me. At least not in its entirety. When I finished going through my first draft, I had more hand written pages than printed ones. All nicely rewritten material, that made the story more in depth and consistent. Thing is, I used none of it. My penmanship isn’t too horrid, but I’ve trouble reading it anyway, and I’ve never been good at just straight up copying text.  So I ended up rewriting everything, I’d already rewritten, again. And I believe that’s what slowed me down so much because when I got to the part where I only marked things I wanted to change, things sped up a lot. And I did my final pass for typos and leftover really awkward wording in two day.

Mark only is also how I revised John & Other Stories and it may have been better for it…. Or worse, but that’s not really for me to judge.

Anyway, when I start revising After The Fall in December, I’ll be using part one of One Pass and then proceed my way.

I also learned that I need to stick a post-it note over my desk that says “HIT SPACE AFTER EVERY PERIOD AND COMMA.” because I think I gained several hundred words just by fixing that.

And one more thing. I’m also never going to focus exclusively on revising ever again. It hurt to not write anything new for so long. Though I did work on the outline of ATF and wrote the first chapter. Still from here on out, it’s always going to be a mix of both.


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