The Evolution of A Story

Today, almost a month after my intended publication date, I finally finished revising What Lies Within. This story has been a pain to work with since I first conceived it and honestly, if I ever have to lay eyes on it again after I get it set up on Amazon, I’ll be a happy person.

WLW started its life as a 1st person 500 word flash fic about a light in the basement, that killed the MC’s best friend and his dog. It had a lackluster ending, that was little more than the MC returning to the basement and dying.

In its second iteration it became a 1000 word 1st person story about the same thing, but ending with the MC at a Motel deciding to go and die. Longer but just as bad.

Both these version were creatively titled The Light.

On the third rewrite, I decided to switch to 3rd person. I had this neat little plan to turn it into a 1.5k word piece, which went great until the middle exploded and turned it into a 5k story And in Coming Home the MC finally got a name and didn’t die, but the story still lacked something. It moved to fast and provided too little reason for  the MC to return , because it no longer had the best friend or the dog.

I made several attempts to fix the story , before trunking it ,because it was stalling me. It’s a mix of these attempts and Coming Home that What Lies Within grew out of . It’s roughly 12k words long and the only thing it still has in common with the first version, is the MC returning to his childhood home after a long absence.

I’ll get the blurb and Amazon sorted out this weekend. I’m feeling too drained to deal with that right now. I just wish, it wasn’t midnight, so I could go and buy myself a piece of cake.


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